Alresford trains

There are lots of pretty pictures of Alresford trains on the Mid-Hants Railway web site. 
On most weekends throughout the year, and daytimes from Easter to the end of the summer, Alresford can be be reached on South West trains via Guildford and Alton, and then via a steam-powered service on the  MHR.   
The Petersfield/ Liss to Alton journey takes from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours.   
Unfortunately, even if you wanted to try this marathon journey, the Mid- Hants Railway does not run on mid-week October evenings, and Alton is 12 miles from Alresford. 
Curry Club recommendation:  use a taxi.  Alresford is 15 miles by road from Petersfield.
For our meeting on 11th October 2006 at Sha Pla, we took minibuses, taxis or cars from Foggys. 

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