February 2013: Restaurant is closed and cleared. 
This restaurant was OK, friendly, but nothing exceptional.  The menu was limited at the time and we didn't feel the urge to rush back. 
Will comments (Nov 2006):
Chondona – Liphook graphic
Okay, I am infected, an addict, a curryaholic.  After a morning of interviews at Bohunt School, lots of tongue wagging, coffee and a digestive biscuit I was despatched without lunch, so thank my lucky stars Chondona was open, no I couldn't resist.
The PLACE sits precariously on the kerb in the Square (more a roundabout), Liphook.  I had to bust in the door, just in time, just before another deluge swept through.  It’s small and pink inside.
An initial argy bargy with the Waiter over drinks, 'no tap water, sir because we're washing up' (?) didn't suggest SERVICE would be worth rewarding, so I resolved to pay with my card and set about browsing the menu.  Much shouting from the Kitchen -  'a customer! why in the name of Krishna did you let him in!' - hmmm...what to choose?
If you're a traditional curry hound then PRICES will be up your alley, £4.95 for Korma, Rogan, Dhansak etc...Lamb Methi with boiled rice and Tarka Dahl equals £9.25 (service not included).  Only a pit stop so no starters, decent FOOD.  Pleasantly light and garlicky Tarka Dahl, yellow green, my curry, smoky with fleeting overtones of Methi leaf.
SUMMARY: Shown short shrift on a brief visit, the grub deserves a second chance… perhaps.
The Square, Liphook
Royal Anchor, The Square.  Green Dragon, London Road.
Last visited:
September 2003
01428 722095

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