How to join
There are no qualifications but if you don't like curry, never drink beer or wine, and don't want to meet people, this is probably not the group for you. 
Typically an evening costs £15 for the food, and then the cost of drink will depend on the average thirstiness of the group multiplied by the numbers of Cobra beers and bottles of house red (white wine drinkers are also welcome).
We operate a kitty system from 19:30 (official start of aperitifs) where we collect (usually) £10 a head from those that are drinking.  This is used to pay for rounds in the pub and the remaining cash is used towards the drink on the restaurant bill.  Drivers and other abstainers settle their own drinks bill(s). We work it out somehow. 
To link up with us, please use the feedback form to make contact; I sometimes disable various e-mail accounts when the weight of spam becomes too much to bear, so this is more reliable.
or send an e-mail to the
Updated 05 May 2013

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