RSS feed
The RSS feed is a way to bring Curry Club news to your desktop without the need for any sign- up for e-mails.  This is much more secure than e-mails, because nothing about you or your e- mail address is transmitted across the web. 
If you use Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 or Netscape Navigator 9, you can use this feature without any further software.  Users of other browsers or older versions may need a feed reader program. 
Two feed sources are available:  
  • the direct feed from this site is updated from time to time when new material is added - usually it contains news about forthcoming meetings or special announcements; click the XML icon at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions
  • feeds from our blog site, which is updated by members and can be commented by guests; click the Subscribe link either on the blog itself, or on an individual entry to receive updates on any individual posting

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